Craniosacral Therapy

The combination of acupuncture and craniosacral therapy can be very powerful. Where acupuncture addresses the qi of the body, (or energy), craniosacral therapy tunes into the fluid movement in the body.


The two systems harmonize well. The fluid is yin compared to qi. which is relatively yang.

Craniosacral therapy is a massage technique that was named after the two ends of the spine, the cranium, and the sacrum.


Cerebrospinal fluid is the primary fluid of the spine and it filters in the brain. Healthy fluid movement in the spine is important to health. However, The whole body is suspended in a fluid so craniosacral therapy is not limited to the spine.  


The therapy consists of gentle touch that follows tension patterns held in the body. As they release, the pain and emotional patterns.

When pain and dysfunction occur in the body, the fluid of the body gets stuck. It is similar to qi in this way.


The body holds the memory of events, emotions, and physical traumas. By accessing this system of healing, the practitioner allows the patient's body to unwind the tension patterns as it is ready.

This creates tangible shifts in the body. Pain decreases, stiff old injuries start to relax and patterns held by the body soften and change.


The body responds to gentleness. 

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