Shared Room Acupuncture

Something really special happens when you receive an acupuncture treatment in a room with other people.

Similar to tuning forks, each person in treatment helps support the harmony of the group, like healing harmonics. 

As your body releases its tension and becomes more centered, the combined healing of the group is more powerful than the individual if they were alone. 


Private Room Acupuncture

In the private room acupuncture treatment, you get to experience all the benefits of acupuncture as well as some additional hands-on therapies. 

These therapies include massage, craniosacral therapy, Chinese cupping and possibly moxibustion. 

Each treatment is custom designed to address your health goals and needs. 


Facial Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture is a holistic therapy that slows down the face's aging process while delivering additional benefits to the entire body. Over the course of multiple treatments, we address a full range of factors that contribute to premature aging.

Facial acupuncture works on many levels.

1. It directly improves collagen and elastin production of the skin while lifting and toning. This reduces wrinkles and sagginess.


2. In addition to supporting the wrinkles and lines due to repeated expression, these treatments also help you process the emotions behind the expressions that caused the lines.


3. Internal health shows up in the skin. Acupunture supports organ function, hormone balance, digestion, sleep issues and stress. These treatments support overall health.

Facial acupuncture treatments are holistic.


We don't want you to just look younger.


We want to help you access your inner vitality to actually

look, feel, and be

more youthful and vital. 


What is Acupuncture?

The ancient Chinese sages noticed correlations between body regions, internal organ systems, and external points on the limbs and the body. They determined that the energetic nature of the body has a flow, and that everything is connected. They were describing and mapping out the acupuncture channel system. 


It's a different way of thinking.

TCM practitioners observed that the body and health were impacted by both internal factors, such as emotions and organ function, as well as external factors, like seasonal shifts. Nutritional and seasonal lifestyle suggestions are at the core of TCM to support your health vitality and to live in harmony with natural rhythms.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a medical system designed over 3,000 years ago. Ancient Chinese practitioners used the scientific method, which was based on observations, to theorize how qi, (or life's energetic flow) works. They were acutely aware of nature and its effects on the body.



For example, in addition to the physical body structures we see and feel, there is flowing energy that permeates everything. It works like a hologram in the body. Everything going on internally can be accessed at the body surface, primarily at the limbs. This mapping works at multiple scales. There are many microsystems that can be accessed on the body that represent and affect the whole body.


Our goal with acupuncture is to use needles to move stagnation and create balance. One of the tenants of TCM is:

"where there is stagnation, there is pain and dysfunction."


The primary function of acupuncture treatments is to improve the flow of qi in the body so it works more efficiently, free of stagnation. This is health.

Conditions Treated

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are holistic by nature. To treat any condition with this medicine, one needs to look at the whole system. 

Chinese medicine acknowledges that emotions are not just chemicals in the brain but live in the body and are associated with organ functions.

The state of our health is determined by a dynamic combination of physical, emotional and mental factors.

     This list contains examples of the conditions commonly treated by Chinese medicine. This is not complete as there are countless aspects of health addressed by Chinese medicine. However, it is nice to have some examples.


Physical Health and Pain Support


Body pain



Neck pain

Back pain

Limb pain

Organ function

Digestion Support

Hormone Balance



Mental-Emotional Support




Excess Anger








Spiritual Support

Connect with your heart

Tune into your intuition

Calm your mind

Relax your nervous system

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