Covid-19 update

We are open! 

We are honoring all CDC guidelines with PPE, continuous clinic cleaning, and hand washing.

Please don't come in if you have had any respiratory symptoms, or fever, in the past 72 hours.

Please bring your mask and wash your hands. We have masks at the door as well. We will be limiting the patient schedule a bit, allowing 30 minutes between each patient in each room to clean the rooms and filter the air. 

Telehealth appointments are available for those who prefer virtual appointments. 

Telehealth includes:

Chinese nutrition and herbal consultations to support immunity, energy, hormones, and other health goals.

EFT Tapping, or emotional freedom technique tapping, which is tapping on specific acupoints in a sequence while speaking out loud any thoughts, fears, worries, or unhelpful beliefs you want to clear or find some inner peace around. The results are pretty profound and immediate. It is lovely support for mental and emotional health.

Qi Gong and/or Meditation techniques custom-designed for your personal health needs. We can create a 10-30 minute daily routine for you to help you stay grounded and strong during these challenging times. Qi gong has been around for thousands of years and can powerfully enhance your health and wellbeing.

Other exercises, massage, or lifestyle advice to support your stress, move your qi, and help you feel good.


Discover your health by tuning into your intuition with the support of acupuncture, meditation, and yoga.


Health Discovery Acupuncture & Yoga opened in February 2009 in Seattle. After nearly 10 years of serving the Downtown Seattle community, I moved to the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle to make acupuncture, meditation, and yoga accessible to more people.

Columbia City Healing Space was created in the fall of 2018. 


 I love being part of the Columbia City neighborhood in this beautiful space! Now I can offer so much more than I could in the downtown location. I provide acupuncture in a private room setting for people who need some hands-on massage, craniosacral therapy or cupping in addition to acupuncture.


Acupuncture in the shared room is also available for people to connect with the community and enjoy collective healing at affordable costs. I'm also excited to be able to teach Group meditation and Yoga classes. 

Health Discovery Acupuncture & Yoga

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