Covid-19 update

There are many thoughts and concerns that come with closing a healing practice. It is not an easy thing to do! We are here to serve, support, educate, and help people through illness, pain, and stress.


Since the most important thing in all healthcare situations is to do no harm, and there is no way to verify beyond all doubt that the coronavirus isn’t present in myself, (even though I have no symptoms), my patients, or my clinic, I have decided to close all person-to-person shifts for at least two weeks.


Moving forward, I would love to be a resource to anyone and everyone who wants to know how to use food, herbs, and breath/meditation to support your health and your families with phone or video chat.


Please feel free to set up a phone or video consultation so we can discuss your individual symptoms and concerns. I'm happy to share breathing practices, herbs, and healing food suggestions to help you through it!


There is no cure and no vaccine for this virus at this time. Food, herbs, vitamins, rest, breathing, and over the counter cold/flu meds are what we depend on to stay out of the hospitals. The principles of Chinese medicine have a wealth of knowledge and practical application for times like these!


Please feel free to set up consultations as you need. Even if you are just feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious, please reach out. I’m here to help!


My colleagues and I are diving back into our herbal books and resources to better understand how to support each patient through the possible various stages of this virus. There is a webinar next Friday hosted by a respected herbal company. I will be sharing what I learn every step along the way.


We are all in this together. Let’s get creative about safe ways to connect and interact virtually!!


I will also be offering herbs to people as needed with a consultation.


Please stay home as much as possible!! Start a breathing practice to strengthen your lungs and dive into healthy foods. Make soup!! It’s powerful medicine.


I’m thinking of all of you and sending you love and healing energy!!


Discover your health by tuning into your intuition with the support of acupuncture, meditation, and yoga.


Health Discovery Acupuncture & Yoga opened in February 2009 in Seattle. After nearly 10 years of serving the Downtown Seattle community, I moved to the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle to make acupuncture, meditation, and yoga accessible to more people.

Columbia City Healing Space was created in the fall of 2018. 


 I love being part of the Columbia City neighborhood in this beautiful space! Now I can offer so much more than I could in the downtown location. I provide acupuncture in a private room setting for people who need some hands-on massage, craniosacral therapy or cupping in addition to acupuncture.


Acupuncture in the shared room is also available for people to connect with the community and enjoy collective healing at affordable costs. I'm also excited to be able to teach Group meditation and Yoga classes. 

Health Discovery Acupuncture & Yoga


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